Question is, how did you get here from there? I don’t think anyone’s journey is a straight path from point “A to point B.” As young parents in search of truth, true community, and an answer to a declining culture, we found ourselves always to be “radicals” and seemingly never fitting in to the status quo. One example of this is that we didn’t allow our children to watch regular programing on TV. In fact we only possessed a TV and VCR and no regular TV programing. We did have select videos of bible stories and other children’s tapes. We were defiantly not normal when compared with our peers.

No wonder, when we moved onto Four Mile Road, we were intrigued by the family of the Amish farrier who shoed our horses. We became close friends. We considered joining the Amish Church, but they discouraged us from doing so. Instead we joined a similar church group called conservative Mennonites. They have a similar church structure and dress code as Amish but are more progressive in what technologies they use, such as automobiles and electricity.

We remained close friends with our Amish neighbors and we soon began to talk about starting a business in which we and our children could work together. Our Amish neighbor suggested that we consider building a bakery. Because we were Mennonite, we could have electricity for the necessary refrigeration and equipment. This was the beginning of Four Mile Bakery, 14 years ago. The children of this same family still work with us and our children, and we have even added a son-in-law along the way. Both families are starting to see grandchildren coming up, so it won’t be long until we have three generations working together. But it does take a lot of help to make so many delicious donuts every weekend. So we have employed other members of our community to help. When you come to visit us you will see a mix of people from diverse backgrounds working together at Four Mile Bakery, non-Amish and Amish. Our uniforms are chosen for modesty and utility. Even though our family chose to leave the Mennonite Church after 10 years, we still see the benefits of many of the Mennonite practices and beliefs, some of which we continue to practice. And we realize now more than ever that each member of the Four Mile Team adds value to the Four Mile Bakery. Each brings their own talent, gift and ability to contribute to and make up the complete team.

So come on over and see us. Bring your family and sit for a while on the porch. Experience the country. Watch the Amish buggies go by. See our farm animals. Eat a wagon wheel donut. Leave the chaos for a while and just enjoy life.

Thank you for your time,

Megan Richendollar, co founder and co owner of Four Mile Bakery